What To Do When Your Purpose and Your Plan Don’t Mesh

by Jason C. Prater

Your purpose is the greatest thing you can know about you. Without knowing your purpose, you will spend the bulk of your time on Earth wandering aimlessly through life.

Your plan is also very important your life. Your plan keeps you on the right and successful path towards stability and comfort.

But what if you come to discover the purpose for your life and it fails to matchup with the plan for your life?

Three Plans ,concept for change of plan

Forget your plan. Pursue your purpose.

Let’s devise a short example.

Let’s say your life has literally gone according to plan. You graduated high school, forged through college, chose a major that would make your family and friends proud of you and today you are miserably slugging through life. However, now you are married with children making decent money. You are finally…grown up.

Yet, you are miserable. You want a change.

But you have bills to pay and other people to think about. You have “the plan” to always consider.

How do you truly live your purpose in this kind of scenario?


The most important step in living your purpose is being brutally honest with yourself and those in your direct sphere of influence. Your spouse, your partner, your parents, your children; you get honest with you and then you get honest with them.

“Here is the life I have been living, yet here is the true, authentic me.”

Because they love you, they will support you. However, be patient. It may take time for your loved ones time to come around to this new, true, authentic you. But I cannot repeat this enough: because they love you they will support you.

A friend or family member who rejects the true, authentic you does not love you and probably never did in the first place. Did you get that?

True love has no expectation. It simply says “I love you.” No matter where the road may take you, true love stands by you.


Next, you purge the negative influences in your life. That is, you remove the people who would seek to hold you back.

If a person cannot accept the true, authentic you and the purpose for which you have been designed, this person has no place on the stage of your life.

Remember, you write the script of your life. While your script does come with certain unchangeable characters (i.e., your family), the rest can be purged at will. It may hurt to lose relationships. Your people-pleasing tendencies will fight the urge to purge the negative influences. But you must. Like it or not, your influences will determine how high you fly.

This is the toughest step for most people. We get comfortable with the people and the influences in our life. We trust them. If we must choose between the known pain or the unknown, you will more likely choose the known pain.

But remember this: You deserve the level of pain you allow in your life.

Get honest, be courageous and purge.


Re-work the plan and re-work the plan some more.

In life, never, ever, ever be tied to the plan. And if you are tied to the plan, re-work the plan.

Involve your spouse, your partner and your loved ones in this conversation. Give time to this aspect of the journey. But re-work the “plan” for your life. And then be willing to continually re-work the plan. Life will throw surprises at you. If you are inflexible, you will miss out on some of the greatest opportunities of your life.

Your purpose must define your plan.


Move forward without abandonment knowing you are doing exactly what God has designed you to do.

Don’t look back. Listen to your critics but do not allow them to define you. Set your eyes on your purpose and then move forward with all of the grace and energy you can muster.


Because the world deserves the best you that you can offer. The world needs the true and authentic version of you.

You have been placed here for a specific purpose. It is true, life is not about you and the world certainly does not revolve around you. However, you bring something amazing and special to this world – and your community of friends and family – when you live according to your God-designed purpose.

Your plans are selfish. They come from within you with the goal of bettering your life. Your purpose is so much higher. It comes from God with the goal of bettering our world and those who surround you.

Don’t play small and don’t mess around with the authentic you.

You are needed.

Get rid of the plan. Live your purpose.