Find Your Purpose. Find Your Life.

by Jason C. Prater

The foundation for your life is your God-given purpose for living.

Helping One Another

You are your purpose. Everything rises and falls on the purpose you have been given. If you fail your purpose, you fail you. (Tweet that!)

Your purpose cannot change. Whatever you have been designed for is exactly what you have been designed for. A tree cannot change the kind of tree it will be. A flower cannot change the kind of flower it will be. A fruit cannot change the kind of fruit it will be. The seed determines the outcome.

So it is with you; your seed – your purpose – defines you.

Freewill does a wonderful job messing up how we live out the designs God has created us for. Even though we have been given a specific purpose, we lose sight of this purpose because something else looks better, something else looks more tempting.

The house. The cars. The vacations. The position. The prominence. These things look greater than the purpose we have been designed for.

The root of the “mid-life crisis” is the man or woman who has failed to find his purpose. (Tweet that!)

Find your purpose. Find your life.

(Coming this summer… My exciting new book, “Live Your Purpose: Discovering Your God-Designed Reason for Living”!)