Why The Power of Journaling Can Change Your Life

by Jason C. Prater

Eleven years ago I lost everything. I mean everything.


I had nothing. Living off the couches of sympathetic friends. Zero money in the bank. No job. No prospects. No respect. No reputation. No family. Nothing.

Today is a different story.

Fast forward eleven years, I am living the life of my dreams. Literally.

What made the difference? What was the secret sauce?


I mean it.

Sure, I give great credit to God. I give great credit to the incredible people who gave me a second chance. I give credit to my parents who instilled in me a never-say-die mentality. I give credit to the beautiful people who have parented me along the way. I give credit to my ultra-amazing, ultra-strong wife.

But the secret sauce is the power of journaling.

No, not a diary; a journal. A safe space to write anything and everything. A safe space to challenge yourself forward and keep track of the results.

If your life is not where you would like it to be, I highly recommend you take up the daily habit of journaling.

Here’s why:

Journaling will safely allow you to say anything you want about anything or anyone you want.

Every day you are faced with all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Most of these thoughts, feelings and emotions should never, ever, ever exit your person. You know what I am talking about.

That time you thought about (fill in the blank). That day wanted to (fill in the blank). That moment in the middle of the meeting you wanted to say (fill in the blank). That night after your date when you felt (fill in the blank). That afternoon you received the horrible news and you simply wanted to scream (fill in the blank). That person at work you would love to say (fill in the blank) to.

Journaling is a safe space where all of your thoughts, feelings and desired actions can be processed without losing your job, your relationships or your self-respect. You can be as honest as you want and need to be because, if you are smart about it, you will be the only person who ever reads these words.

Journaling will allow you to check in with yourself daily.

If you are honest with yourself, every day you face the world with different thoughts, feelings and actions. Feelings of incredible excitement one day. Feelings of resentment the next. Feelings of sadness. Feelings of happiness. Feelings of anxiety. Feelings of hopelessness. Feelings of incredible contentment. The human experience is an ever-changing, daily experience.

Journaling allows you to share your feelings and then process why you are feeling the way you are feeling. And this is KEY. You feel the way you feel for a reason. For every feeling you experience, there is a cause, an explanation. Yet, because we do not take the time to process our emotions, we have no idea why we feel the way we feel. Instead, we simply work to bury our emotions, thereby burying the reason for these emotions. However, as I am sure you already know, your emotions have to go somewhere or eventually – and usually at an inopportune time – they will explode from within.

Here’s the kicker: Often you do not even know what emotions lie underneath. However, when you simply begin writing, almost out of nowhere, these emotions begin springing forth from inside of you. Forty-five minutes later, an invisible weight has been lifted off of you enabling you to move forward. (This is why I personally recommend journaling every morning. I call it the “morning dump.” You simply dump everything you are feeling, thereby clearing your heart and mind to be ready for anything you may face during the day.)

Journaling will allow you to get to know you.

The sad truth is this: You probably know your friends and family better than you know you.

Often, I will hear a wife say something like this: “I know my husband better than he knows himself.” Sadly, this is true. But it does not have to be this way.

Every time you journal, you get to know yourself a little more, a little deeper. You come to see why you make the decisions you make. You come to see how you process your feelings. You come to see patterns that take place in your life. You see recurring strengths and weaknesses. Because of you are able to get to know yourself better, you are then able to make better decisions in the future. Better decisions mean growth.

And this is the primary reason for why you journal…you want to grow.

I have a mantra I repeat quite often: Life rewards the introspective.

When you are able to look deeply within yourself and recognize who you are, you will fly higher than you have ever flown before. You will stretch and grow. You will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

All because of the power of journaling.

Next week, I look forward to sharing more with you on why journaling is important for your life and your success. In the coming weeks, I’ll share with you some of the “how’s” that have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of my journaling.

Journaling radically transformed my life. I know it can do the same for you.

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Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Rise higher,