Why Opposition Is Good For You

by Jason C. Prater

What keeps so many people from living out their God-designed purpose?


against-all-odds-4f47e48f7a8bd_hiresFinding your purpose is one thing. Living your purpose is another thing altogether. Finding your purpose takes time, introspection and evaluation. Living your purpose means putting your ideas in action.

Rest assured of this: When you find your purpose, you will find more opposition than you have ever encountered before. Some books may tell you different, but do not believe it. The world will not conspire to help you find and live out your purpose. The world, in many ways, is more of a crucible; designed to help you discover your purpose by placing every conceivable obstacle in your path. Then, once you have discovered your purpose, providing every obstacle to keeping you from living out your purpose.

Your parents will keep you from your purpose.

Your spouse will keep you from your purpose.

Your friends will keep you from your purpose.

Your addictions will keep from your purpose.

Your religion will keep you from your purpose.

Your job will keep you from your purpose.

Your children will keep you from your purpose.

Your bills will keep you from your purpose.

You get the idea.

Once you discover your purpose, there will be more things that will keep you from living out your purpose than help you accomplish your God-designed destiny.

Yet, the beauty of opposition is this; it shows us – and the world – just how much we really desire to live out our purpose.

This coming Thursday (April 14), on my YouTube channel, I am excited to talk a little more about opposition and what we can learn from it. Having endured a great deal of opposition in my own life, I look forward to sharing some of the lessons I have learned from these moments.

For today, please know this: Opposition always makes you a stronger, faster and better human being. Without opposition, you will remain the same, without growth. The greater the opposition, the greater the growth.

So, embrace your opposition. Lean into it. Because of your opposition, you know you are even closer to reaching your destiny.

Living Purposefully,

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