Why You Must Find Your Purpose In Life

by Jason C. Prater

In my lifetime, I have had the privilege of meeting people from all across the globe. Can I tell you what 97% of them have in common? They have no idea what their purpose in life is.

rGEKOiVhThey know what is for dinner. They know what they are going to where tomorrow. They know how much their next paycheck will be. They even know something about your life.

But they have no idea what their purpose.

So, most people live day to day, allowing the ebbs and flows of life to dictate how their lives turn out. They have no mastery over their fates, no say in their destiny.

Sound familiar?

Here is why it is so important for you to understand your purpose….

You only have one life to live.

You’ve heard the term, “Life is a gift.” Here is what this means: You have been given the gift of life on Earth from Someone greater than you that lasts a finite amount of time. When this time is up, the gift expires.

We come into the world differently; some are born rich, some are born poor, some are born middle-class. Yet, all of our lives have the expiration date looming. We can complain, waste time and take space or we can make the finite amount of time on this earth count for something great.

Everyone has been given some kind of purpose. You have been given some kind of purpose.

There is something on planet earth that only you can dream, build or design. No one else can do it. Only you can.

Your role? To know what that “something” is.

And here’s the thing, once you know what that “something” is, your entire life will become focused on achieving that “something.”

Every relationship.

Every conversation.

Every job.

Every prospective location.

Every minute of your day.

Everything you do centered on fulfilling your purpose.

Find your purpose. Center your life.