Evolution and Blogging

by Jason C. Prater

When I hear people say things like “evolution” does not happen or did not happen, I chuckle to myself. Silly people, I say under my breath.


My response is always, “Have you ever seen a child grow up before?”

There is a word for it: evolving.

Human beings naturally evolve. We evolve from babies to toddlers to kids to tweens to teens to adulthood to old age. And then we die.

Sure, there are obvious physical changes. As we grow from one stage to another, we are consistently transforming…evolving. We age, we mature, we change our minds and we change our minds back again.

This is simply the way of life.

And this is simply the way of this blog.

I have been blogging now for almost seven years. And for seven years this blog has continued to evolve with me.

When I first began blogging, I was in my late twenties, still going to school, still working for a mega-church, still trying to find my purpose. Hell, three years ago, I was still trying to find myself. Me thinks this what they would call “a lifetime journey.”

Well, here I am. Thirty-seven years old and getting closer to finding my WHY (my purpose and destiny in this journey called “life.”)

Can I share it with you?

My life mission is to help people discover and live out their purpose.

It’s that simple.

This took me 37 years to discover.

But here’s the thing; I really do believe our world can be changed if people would do the work of finding their purpose – we all have one – and living that purpose to completion. Our world would radically be changed.

Lives would be based on purpose not on circumstance.

Think about it. If every person on planet pursued their purpose – either discovering it or living it – everything would change.

We would not have time for wars and rumors of wars. Famine and poverty would disappear. Relationships would be based on purpose not on using other people. We would not be so defensive and gossip would cease. Why? Because everyone would be focused on discovering their purpose and living their purpose. They would have not time to focus inconsequential matters!

And because purpose comes from a being higher than you – from God – your purpose will always lead you towards service to the community, service to your neighbors. Your purpose would be the highest form of you.

The world could be changed if people all across the globe discovered and lived their purpose.

The world could be changed if YOU discovered and lived your purpose.

This will be the purpose of this blog going forward; helping you discover your purpose, live your purpose and change the world. Two blog posts per week – Monday and Thursday – designed to add value to your life and your journey.

I have evolved and so has this blog.

And guess what? It will continue to evolve.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing great stories of how you came to discover and live ON PURPOSE.

All my best,

Jason Signature